Chinese medical massage, Tui Na, is an excellent way to soothe aching muscles, calm the mind and increase circulation throughout the body. A blend of Cupping, Swedish, Myofascial, Reiki Tummo, Craniosacral, Gua sha, Acupressure and Neuromuscular techniques are incorporated into each massage according to your needs.

Sweet almond oil is used as the base massage oil. It is very light and is clinically shown to be excellent for patients with sensitive skin. Additional liniments and essential oils may be used to broaden the massage benefits.

Chinese Medical Massage (1 hour)

Acupuncture & Massage (1.5 hour)

Combines the healing benefits of acupuncture and Chinese medical massage for deeper relaxation and healing.


Thai Massage

A blend of massage and yoga that passively stretches muscles. Recipient wears loose fitting clothing. Also known as “lazy man’s yoga”, it increases joint range of motion, flexibility and muscle tone.

1 Hour Thai Table Massage $95